Tuesday, April 16, 2013

~What a week it was~

Last week was CrAZy!!!!!

Monday started the week off on what seemed like a good note. We had a showing on our house! Score!

Tuesday: The showing went so well, they came back again! Short notice, but we pulled it off!! My parents, who happen to be my bosses, left for a work convention in Las Vegas. Made it through the day at work just fine and no problems. We got the boys picked up from school and daycare, had dinner and they played afterwards. 7 o'clock hits, time for bed, or so we thought!

Somehow in the midst of hugging wrestling the boys fell over from a standing position.....Clayton fell backwards and hit his head on the fireplace wall.....

Off to the hospital we went. Luckily we didn't have to wait long. I think the thought of going to the hospital was the worst part for him. (**WARNING** IF YOU HAVE A WEAK STOMACH STOP HERE!!!)

They numbed his head up 

and then put in a single staple to hold it together

(warned you!)

Wednesday: I had to take Clay ibuprofen to school and then ended up picking him up early due to his poor little head throbbing so much :( Due to the staple, there was no gymnastics for him all week or his meet that was on Saturday. He was less than thrilled over this.

Spoke with our mortgage lender and found that we could close on our new house on Thursday, no wait, Friday, no Thursday, might be Monday. NO for sure going to happen Thursday....emotionally exhausting!!!!

Thursday: Clay's not feeling the best in the morning, his allergies are acting up. Get him to school. Get in contact with our Realtor and mortgage lender....we are apparently missing information! We didn't get the closing settlement until 30 minutes before closing (which was already pushed back yet another hour!! This all started with the extension of our first closing date of March 14th!!!!)

In the mean time, I get a call from the school that Sir Clayton has a wonderful temperature and needs to come home. Praise God for my grandma since my parents were out of town! She let him come over and lay on her couch while we did closing.

We get to the Title Company online to find out that our closing funds are to be wired in and not in the form of the cashier's check that was in my hand! Ugh!

While waiting to sign paperwork we found out the people who looked at the house on Monday and Tuesday had gone with a different house. What a bummer! We closed the day with a new (to us) house, a sick kid with a staple in his head and a very tired little brother.

Friday: Clayton still has a fever and was up and down most of the night. Carson is off to daycare and Wes goes into work for a bit. We trade out taking care of our sick kiddo and I'm able to go to work for about 2 hours. Get home so Wes can go back to work and find that Clay's temp has gone up to 102.6....lovely. Tylenol fixed him up but his little tummy is still "not feeling right" according to him.

Saturday: Time to work on the "new" house. Clay's better, woohoo! I took the boys to surprise my parents at the airport when they landed. Back and forth to the house working and playing.

Sunday: Up and at it at 7:30, again, back and forth from Walmart to the new house. Finally, dinner at Chili's with my parents (our Sunday family dinner tradition). Home, bed, we made it through the week, finally!!!!!!!!

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  1. What a rollercoaster week! House buying is exciting, and stressful. I am so sorry Clay busted his head and was then sick. I hope he is 100% again soon.