Saturday, April 6, 2013

Creativity or Not

I so wish I was a creative person. Fact is, I'm not and as far as I can remember, I've never been.

I found out about Pinterest oh about a year ago. I'm addicted. By addicted I mean to pinning things not actually doing them :O That would take work, that would take time, that would take following through. Ha! Me, actually do one of them? It's just laughable!!!

Okay, truth, I have made some of the recipes I've pinned. My family has to eat somehow! I so long to be someone that can just throw items together and make a creation that I can pin myself and take full credit for. Guess I'll just have up wait on my mom to make something and I will take credit for it! (She doesn't blog, I'm not so sure she even reads blogs. Lol)

Here is one of my success stories from Pinterest. Brownie cookies aka Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie n’ Oreo Fudge Brownie Bar......these were made with chocolate chip cookies on the bottom, Double Stuffed Oreos in the middle, and brownies on top. Delicious and rich! For the hubs' b-day next month I'm making them a bit different because he loves peanut butter. So, he's getting peanut butter cookies on the bottom, Reese's in the middle and brownies on top. Can't wait!!!!!!

Until next time, follow me on Pinterest and see if I find something YOU can make for me :)

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  1. I have eaten the cookie, cookie, brownie deliciousness with ICE CREAM, no less! It is a must make! I won't actually make it because then there will be some National Geographic animal fighting going on with me, my spoon, and anyone who dares come near the pan.

    And you totally ARE creative. NO ONE can air guitar like you. That, my dear, takes creativity!

    1. HA!!! Had to bring up the air guitar didn't you?! LOL!!!!!!!

    2. LOL!!! Loved the air guitar!!!

      And those brownies were AMAZING!

  2. Pinterest can be a dreamers paradise and a doers nightmare.

    I like to use it as a personal bookmarker and another way to connect and learn about friends. I also use it as a planner for holidays and home improvements.

    Your dessert sounds delicious! I hope you can find more pinspiring pins.