Friday, April 12, 2013

Trying to sell is hard!

Trying to sell a house is hard work! It's exhausting actually. Especially when you don't have the cleanest family in the neighborhood world. I'm hoping this process of HAVING to keep the house clean will help the boys to be tidier than Wes and I have been are.

We have had several good showings that have even included a second look. You'd think that we would have figured out how to keep the house ready to be shown at a moments notice, but no! I think the floors constantly need to be swept and there is ALWAYS something that needs to be put away. I'm pretty sure I currently have 2 loads of laundry jammed into the dryer together because I haven't had a chance to fold/put them away yet.

Every time we get notice of a showing, we have to race home, do our little mad rush cleaning dance and then take our dog over to my parent's house. For some reason people aren't big on your dog being there and them possibly attacking them or running away on them. LOL!

We are under contract to purchase a house, but it has been delayed in closing since the middle of March, so in hindsight it's good we haven't sold because we wouldn't have a place to live (other than moving in with my parents....that's a entirely separate post of it's own when you work 40+ hours a week together too!)  I have faith though that the right people are out there and they will buy it just at the right time. God always provides and hasn't let us down yet.

Moral of the story, one day our house will sell and one day we will own a different house. God's timely will be perfect whenever it happens and I'm not going to worry. I might have to rush like a crazy person to keep cleaning up for showings, but I'm not going to worry!

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