Friday, October 21, 2011

Go to Sleep and Stay Asleep!

I'm sure by now you've heard of the book Go the F**k to Sleep. I'm not someone who uses this language...but sometimes when I have a night like last night, I think of this book!

Clayton had been doing so good going to bed until this past week. I'm not sure if it was the anticipation of going back to Ms. Salena's with his brother for a couple of days for Fall Break, or if it had to do with his allergies becoming so bad over the weekend. Whatever the cause, I sure hope we go back to easy bedtime soon.

This was how last night went: Bath and getting ready for bed, in bed, book, prayers, talk a little, time to sleep. Our newest thing is he likes to keep the lights off, including his plug-in fish tank, if the tank is on, the door is closed. So he says that he wants the door closed and wants to read a book and that he will turn off the fish tank when he's done reading and then open the door. This is fine. I leave his room and 10 minutes later, "Mommy, I need you, I'm scared." OH Great! Here we go! I go in and he wants me to color with him! NO it's bed time! Cover him up and goodnight. I get barely out the door and he's got to go to the bathroom. Then he wanted me to lay with him....well, I think you get the picture! That book is coming more and more to my mind!!!!! Finally after almost an hour, he's in bed asleep!

My baby that has been such a great night time sleep is apparently tapping into his Big Brother! Carson has been eating soooo much lately (31oz +) that you'd think he'd be in a food coma, but no, he's still hungry and he's making sure that I'm well aware of it.

He used to take his last bottle of the night around 6:30 or 6:45 and then go to bed around 7 and sleep are you ready for this until 5:30! (He's been doing this since right at 2 months old too!!) Last week he began waking up a little bit earlier every night until Wednesday night he woke up at 1am and 6 am then last night it was 11:45 and 4:40. I've tried cereal in the bottle and it only seems to hurt his little belly, and then he doesn't sleep. He won't eat it the cereal by spoon and acts as if it is the most disgusting thing he has ever eatten. I'm at my whits end! Nothing I do seems to make him full longer or help him.

I called our Pediatrician's Office today and they have now suggested to up his ant-acid medicine and to try oatmeal instead of the rice cereal. She feels like the spoon is causing a lot of the problems and if he can get used to the feel of it and the hang of the spoon then he will be fine and we can start more foods in the next few weeks. That is, IF he can get used to the dang spoon!

I sure hope we can get Carson food to start sustaining him longer because I know he really needs the night time sleep for development and for my sanity!

Finally, my note to Mr. Clayton.....You are tired, you don't realize it, but you are and as much as I would love to sit and talk with you all night, I'm tired too baby. I also need rest. So, please, just GO TO SLEEP!!!  Love, Mama

Until next time! ~Tiffany

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