Sunday, October 16, 2011

Can't we all just be healthy?

So, last Friday started the sickness in our house and it apparently has taken up residency :(

Clayton caught the oh so lovely stomach bug Friday around 12:30 am and that lead to the two of us up most of the night. Once we made a pallet in our room for him, Wes was able to get some sleep so he could get up around 5 to feed Carson. Due to a very mopey boy, the weekend was pretty much toast.

Along comes Monday. Wes realizes that his ear is starting to hurt, so he makes a doctor's appointment for Tuesday. Wake up Tuesday morning and guess who has the stomach bug now!

Thursday I had to start the humidifier for Carson who is stuffy. To my surprise it seems to be working. (I always felt like it made Clayton worse)

Just when you think all is going back to normal, I woke up Friday with a severe sore throat. Made it though the Carvnival on meds. Saturday, no better, so I made a trip to the clinic and am told I have a sinus infection (shocker!) and bronchitus. Get home around 8 after getting my perscriptions and realize that Clay probably needs to go to the doctor too. Poor boy had almost lost his voice and had such a lovely cough.

Wes let me sleep in this morning, which was sooo great! I feel a bit better today, but it's looking more like I'm going to have to take Clayton into the doctor tomorrow.

Maybe one day very soon, we will all be healthy again. At least I hope there is hope isn't there?!

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