Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Moon Matters

What is it about a full moon that makes people go crazy? I mean really. There's got to be something inside of us that just can't handle the scientific things that happen with it. 

Yesterday Clayton had a bad day and by this I mean he just couldn't get his act together to get ready for school. He was whiny, cranky and so tender-hearted. He couldn't get out of bed. He couldn't get dressed. He couldn't decide on what to eat for breakfast. Finally, something clicked inside of him and he got in the car and walked into school. He came home from school and watched some wrestling with his daddy. I thought all was good. Until he walked in the kitchen and discovered we were eating something new for dinner. Apparently I make the most disgusting dinners he's ever had. (This is becoming more of an occurrence.) He cried and tried everything possible to not eat his dinner. This went on for just over 45 minutes! Yes people I said 45 minutes!!!!!! He finally gave in, once again, and ate his dinner. Originally he only had to eat one bite, but by the time 45 minutes passed he had to eat all 4 bites I had given him.! What a difficult day he had. He got to go to the office this morning. He did all he could to mess with his brother and drive him up the wall, along with everyone else in the office. He came back to the office after school......boy ate 3 fried eggs, two whole boiled eggs made into deviled eggs, grilled cheese sandwich, a 100 calorie fudge striped cookie pack, mixed berry juice AND strawberry chocolate milk!!! When it was time for gymnastics, he didn't want to leave, not without a fight anyways. Once at home, it's time for dinner....he decides his belly hurts too much and goes and lays down in bed and doesn't eat dinner, his favorite, Mac & Cheese and baked cod fillets. Man this kid doesn't feel good. Yet once bedtime comes, it's a no-go, again.......

Carson has been clingy and emotional, more than normal for an almost 21 month old. Our sitter even noticed that he cries anytime she leaves the room......

Seriously, there should be something we can put over their heads or their eyes or something to stop this ding dang reaction to the full moon!

If you have suggestions or thoughts, I'm open to just about anything. I'm currently trying a glass of wine, for myself that is :)

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  1. I don't know what it is, but it really does affect people. When I worked at the call center we just steeled ourselves for complete insanity on the phones every full moon. It just stirs stuff up! I'm sorry your boys are getting stirred up. But HOORAY for wine! :)